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FEED sB sth

feed sth to sb 把某物喂给某人 feed sb on/with sth 用…喂养

有feed....with....这样的搭配,具体用法如下所示: 给...供应燃料,给.....提供信息:feed sth with sth/feed sth into sth 例如: feed the trucks with petrol 向卡车输送汽油;feed data into the computer 把数据输入电脑 feed的其他搭配用...

没有,应该是feed sth to sb


feed sth to sb 把某物喂给某人 feed sb on/with sth 用…喂养 希望可以帮到你哦

feed back (v.+adv.) 1.反馈; 反响 return as an input to the proceeding stage of that circuit ▲feed back (to sb/sth) The teacher found that nothing was feeding back to him from his pupils.那位教师发觉学生们对他的讲解毫无反应。 ▲f...

feed 1. 及物动词 喂 (宾语为婴儿或动物) 2. 及物动词 供给,,,食物 3. 不及物动词 喝奶 4. 不及物动词 吃 (主语为婴儿或动物) feed sth (document,tape)into 把某事放进…里 feed back反馈,反响feed on (动物)以,,为生feed in放入,注入

be fed up with 厌倦 feed up sb. 供给食物,使吃饱 feed with sth.用···供给

feed sb on sth 给某人提供某种食物 sth(动物) feed on sth 以某物为食 feed with 很少用,是把某物放入机器的意思 eg: He fed the meter with coins. 他把硬币投入停车计时收费器. 比较容易混的应该是feed sb on sth 和 feed sth to sb两者...

holding a piece of paper that said, “ lost my job. Family to Feed.”...All the kids declared something they could do away with for the week.When...


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