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My grandparents are farm workers. They are kind to everyone. They love me very much. They are 58 years old but they don't look very old. They work hard. I love my grandparents,too.

Who's hse ? She's my sister Sally . Those are my grandparents . That is my cousin Paul . Who's he ? He's her father . These are my brother . These two girls are my sister Cindy and my cousin Alice . Are those your parents ? Yes。

miss visit

看望爷爷奶奶 请采纳,谢谢!

祖父母和父母一样,是指两个人,所以一般情况下都是用grandparents 经常在否定的情况下用单数。 例如:I had no grandparent to stand proudly for me. 或者是指一个概念,不是指此两个人的时候用单数

翻译:他们是我的祖父母 满意请采纳,谢谢

my grandparents 我的祖父母,是第3人称,但不是第三人称单数,后面应该用复数形式 例如: My grandparents are very healthy 我的祖父母身体非常好


visit(vi 思 )my(买)grandparents(guen pe e lun s)不会我也没办法了

my grandparents are very special to me. they have worked hard all their lives and sacrificed a lot for my family. not only that,but they are also special friends to me. they are easier to talk to than my parents and they are ve...


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